5 Elements of a Low-Maintenance Kitchen

5 Elements of a Low-Maintenance Kitchen

With today’s busy lifestyle, people don’t always have the extra time to to allocate to keeping the kitchen sparkling clean. When I design kitchens for my interior design clients, my number one goal is to make design decisions that give create a low-maintenance kitchen.

Easy-to-clean countertops. Avoid selecting a tile countertops as the grout can be difficult to keep clean and requires sealing. Granite and Quartz has become the countertop material of choice these days due to its ease of care. Using a solid surface that also has some color variations helps mask any crumbs on the counters for pop-by visitors.

Full-sheet backsplash. Again, avoid using grout in your backsplash for a low-maintenance kitchen. Consider quartz or a marble stone slab for an elegant kitchen backsplash.

Flooring that can be cleaned with a damp mop. Porcelain tile, rubber or cork floors allow for spills to be easily wipe up and only require a minimal or no grout lines.

Simple cabinetry. Slab front cabinets are easy to wipe off, and shaker style cabinets are another clean friendly choice that work well with both traditional and modern styles.

Undermount sink. Having a sink that is integrated with your countertops allows you to easily wipe your messes into the sink for quick and easy cleanup.

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Source : Luxury for the Home



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