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Architecture at its visionary best engages, exhilarates, and inspires. It possesses a quality—almost indescribable—that embodies design ingenuity, connection to place, and, above all, imagination.

Having said that, we’d like to make design and art enthusiasts out of all of you, and the ones who already are spellbound by this quality we spoke of, you will definitely love what we have in store for you at

For starters, here are a few wonderful projects that we’ve come across:

Metro Station S20 by OVA Studio


OVA Studio participated in the open design competition of Station 20, of Sofia’s new underground system (Bulgaria) Their design option proposed to escape from the tunnel like feeling of many underground stations by providing a vortex mesh vault  that acted as both a structural element but also as a signalization and information display.

Ova Studio’s profile on

Chamila and Rohita House by Channa Horombuwa


Channa and his wife are the directors of Jeeva & Channa Horombuwa Architects, located in Sri Lanka. Their  firm took up the task of converting a half way done structure, into the now beautiful Chamila and Rohita House.
You can check Channa’s work by viewing his profile on

Neo Classical House by Faisal Arshad and partners

Faisal and his team created this beautiful residential house for a joint family in Islamabad, Pakistan. Their biggest challenge was space optimization in terms of it’s referral size that the client had in mind, and we must say, they’ve done a pretty good job!
Faisal Arshad’s profile on

Marina Bay Sands


The newest and most imposing structure on the Singapore skyline, this “integrated resort” comprises three hotel towers with over 2,500 five‑star guestrooms and suites. Located by the Singapore river, this hotel smartly combines leisure and business into one, with a shopping mall located at its ground floors, and the hotel rooms at its upper levels.  This project was uploaded by Architecture student Syafiq A.
You can check the project out at
Syafiq’s profile on

Pacific Heights Victorian, designed by Adeeni Design Group


Claudia Juestel is the founder and principal of Adeeni Design Group specializing in high-end residential and small commercial interiors with projects throughout the country and abroad. She, along with her team, carried out the restoration of the Pacific Heights Victorian, a beautiful residential house constructed in 1888. Claudia and her team custom-designed many pieces of furniture including much-needed wardrobes in the guestroom of this closet-starved Victorian.  See more at
You can check out Claudia’s work on her profile on

These are just some of the very few projects that are constantly being uploaded on
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