Interesting Projects of the Month on Archh: August 2013

Interesting Projects of the Month on Archh: August 2013

  1. Topaz Hotel at Vienna, Austria


As the first time you saw the building you can admire their unique ellipse windows. That ellipse window is surely the window of their room. Their room is glamorous and comfortable at the same time. Read More…

2. Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Poland


Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is a public cultural institution started from April 6, 2005. The museum contains many valuable and priceless collections. Read More…

3. Tiny Apartments around the world


Small spaces are upon us everywhere we look. Students, professionals and even families are all living the life of small square footage, and there are some design challenges that come along with the sacrifice of space. Read More…

4. Beko Masterplan by Zaha Hadid in Serbia


Zaha Hadid Architects has unveiled new images and a movie showing the studio’s proposals to convert an old textile factory in Belgrade, Serbia, into a free-flowing complex of apartments, offices and leisure facilities. Read More…

5. Architecture Blunder in Spain


The Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm, Spain—standing proud in this image—was designed to be a striking symbol of hope and prosperity, to signal to the rest of the world that the city was escaping the financial crisis. Sadly, the builders forgot to include a working elevator. Read More…

6. Solitaire in Uganda


SOLITAIRE, an address that will define where you belong.SOLITAIRE is one of the finest business destination of Kampala, located on the upmarket Yusuf Lule Road, the  offices and residences at SOLITAIRE are a landmark. Read More…

7. Club Hotel Riu Karamboa complex


The ClubHotel Karamboa, situated on an endless white sandy beach with crystal clear water, offers the best views of this area full with dunes that touch the shore.  Read More…


Famous Architects – Zaha Hadid, Charles Correa, Tadao Ando – Their views

Here is a compilation of interviews of famous architects posted by members on Archh. Click on the respective link to read –

Zaha Hadid : Inspirational Lessons on architecture


Born in Baghdad in1950, British- Iraqi Zaha Hadid is the first woman architect to win the prestigious Pritzer Prize, which she did in 2004. Her childhood saw Baghadad’s better days without strife and warfare. There she attended a religiously diverse Catholic school and was instructed in French by nuns.
Click on the link to read more – Zaha Hadid : Inspirational Lessons on architecture


Charles Correa : India’s greatest architect


The 82-year-old who is being honoured by the Royal Institute of British Architects this summer, on why architects must listen to their inner voice, and why, for all its flaws, the city remains a beacon of hope.

Sprawled in his office chair behind a beautiful Mac, the spare lines of which no doubt please his aesthetic sensibilities, Charles Correa is grimacing slightly. We are talking about the summer-long retrospective of his work organized by the prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects at Portland Place, London. In an uncharacteristic burst of baroque, RIBA has described him as ‘India’s Greatest Architect’.
Click on the link to read more – Charles Correa : India’s greatest architect

Architect Tadao Ando’s Interview


Historically, architecture has always been an essential characteristic in defining a civilization. Tadao Ando, master of architecture from Japan, has not only innovated the way structures are built, but, through his work, he has also defined what we can now consider modern Japanese architecture.

There is no doubt his work will be marked in history as defining the contemporary Japanese savoir-faire and culture. In the fall of 2011, The GROUND had the privilege of interviewing Tadao Ando in Osaka, where we had the opportunity to receive some insight on the work of a great master of architecture.

Click on the link to read more – Architect Tadao Ando’s Interview