The art of choosing the right flooring

While selecting the flooring material for a room, multiple aspects need to be factored in. These include the function of the room, usage, desired feel and of course your budget. But before getting into these factors, a sound understanding of the pros and cons of the various flooring options is very crucial. Here is a quick low down.


Carpets are stylish, comfortable and feel great to walk on. Carpet flooring provides excellent insulation from the cold. Wool carpets are the richest option you can go for and are far more stain resistant. The downside is that they are the most expensive kind of carpets out there. Cheaper options like Nylon and Polyester carpets have been a popular option. Synthetic materials tend to be more durable and far easier to clean. Polyester has an added advantage of resisting moths and mildew.



Laminates opens up a variety of flooring designs that would otherwise prove tiresome to maintain. Wooden laminates are the most popular, giving your home/office a chic and warm feeling and a margin of the price of wood. Laminates are stain and scratch resistant, on the downside they can’t handle too much moisture. Too much water can even permanently damage the floor.



Hardwood, in addition to looking great can really add value to your home/office if you are viewing it as an investment. However, they might require resealing every now and then. Dirt accumulated between boards can be a task to get rid of. Hardwood flooring is recommended only if you are in for the fancy of it, when it comes to functionality they might not be the best option.



Tiles are hands down the most commonly used flooring material. They are easy to buy, easy to install and moisture resistant. However there are more cons to tiles than pros. They crack easily. They aren’t the most comfortable surfaces to stand on. However they are a good fit for rooms where you won’t be spending too much time in and that require moisture-proofing, like bathrooms.



Vinyl is one of the most versatile flooring options. They are available in planks, sheets and tile formats with countless finish options ranging from wood to tile-like finish. There is no need to wax these floors, a regular sweep and wash once in a while should do the trick. Inlaid vinyl have imbedded colour and can look very rich.  Printed vinyl is the cheaper option, which as the name suggests is just a large sheet with the pattern printed on it.


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