Best Practices for Networking on Archh

With the Internet, networking has transcended boardrooms and office colleages. Architects, Interior designers, Material Suppliers etc. are increasingly putting their work out online. If everything you need is on the Internet why not meet and interact with people who post them virtually? This is where Archh comes in; here are some tips on how you can use Archh to network

Complete your profile

Any user of Archh should do is complete his/her profile. Yes, it starts with something that simple. By this we mean your personal profile, projects folder and business profile. Let your personal profile reflect your personality, keep it vibrant and interesting. Regularly uploading projects, both those done by you and those that inspire you (more on this later). Most importantly fill up your business profile. This section is what your clients will look up first.

Follow More, Interact More

Networking online is still based on the same offline principles. It’s all about reaching out. Make sure you follow as many people who are relevant to your work as possible. The ‘Network’ tab is available on everyone’s profile, this is a great way to discover people in other people’s networks and form peer to peer connections. ‘Liking’ or Commenting on projects and posts by others on Archh will increase your visibility within the community

Upload Projects that would peek interest

Now let’s face it, you would only follow people who have interesting information to share. This is a two way street. The simplest way to gaining more followers is to put out interesting content. Upload projects regularly. While it’s a great idea to share projects you have personally worked on, you can also share 3rd party projects (with due credit).

The Archh Homepage

The Archh home page enlists new member and featured members on a daily basis. It also enlists new businesses. This is a quick view into the latest in happenings on the site and the industry. Check these sections regularly to say up to date.

Connecting with Archh members on other platforms

In addition, Archh is also available on Facebook and Twitter, where we regularly post project by our members. It’s another great way to discover potential network associates. Archh is also on pinterest.

 Log on to today!



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