Time We Discuss Green Interior Design

‘Green architecture’ and ‘Sustainable Architecture’ are topics of great discussion.

However the concept of ‘Green Interior Designing’ is yet to gain momentum. While creating a green building is a noble idea, but when the interior space is not designing with the similar intention, there isn’t much use of the concept.

Very similar to green or eco friendly architecture, interior designing with similar ideas can be achieved with the use of right materials. Here are some simple things interior designers and homeowners can keep in mind in order to ensure thi

 Reducing energy consumption through interior design

 The use of glass, Bringing in north light inside the liveable space, cross ventilation within the interior space, ensures reduction in energy consumption. Similarly, using Metal replacing wood reducing your footprint in causing green house gases. Using energy efficient LED lights also reduces the energy consumption of a space. Lighting fixtures that allow you to control brightness let you use only the amount of electricity you actually need.

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Let’s face it; people who live in cities love the facilities and lifestyle it provides but deal with a severe lack of space when it comes to their homes. Urban population is on a rise with every passing year and this space issue isn’t going away anytime soon. However, some quick interior design fixes can help create an illusion of space.

Accent Walls

An accent wall is a wall in the room that stands out from the others. The most common technique in producing an accent walls is to paint it in a shade different from the rest of the room, or even use aIma completely different material. However when dealing with small rooms, this technique can be used to make the eye perceive more space than there actually is. A darker shade of the general colour of them room helps achieve this. For e.g. if your room is largely beige, a darker taupe accent wall is a great fit.

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How office interiors increase work productivity



Hiring the right people and providing them the right infrastructure to facilitate work are the two most basic requirements for getting any job done. This idea of the right ‘work environment’ cannot be undermined in the process. Workers often cite design related factors for increasing or decreasing their interest in the job and thus their overall productivity. Interior Designers and Architects can do a great deal to increase productivity. Here are some quick tips: http://www.archh.com/blogs/13/how-office-interiors-increase-work-productivity/

The Archh List for Most Stylish Architects

Le Corbusier


No conversation about architects and style can be complete without a mention of Le Corbusier. In addition to being a pioneer of modern architecture, Corbusier has also immortalized the typical ‘architect look’. One critic even went on to say that ‘his eyewear has pretty much defined the profession of architecture’. His peaked-lapel jackets, bow ties and high fade haircuts have become a trademark look ever since. His style can be best characterized as sharp and intelligent.

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Tools for the 21st Century Architect and Designer

Mark On Call – The Virtual Interior Designer
For a professional interior designer, this app is the next best thing to an assistant. This app can quickly create scale size layouts of a room and the various elements inside it. One of the best features on this app is a measuring tool that tells you the exact distance between any two points in a room. The next time you have to think twice if that sofa will fit through the room door or if that bed is too big for the room – all you got to do is switch on Mark On Call. Click here for More
A colour can make or break a room and even the most experienced of interior designers tend to go wrong in this area. Some colours may sound great conceptually but it’s only when the paint job is done that you realized it just isn’t working. Here is where Colorjive comes in. It’s a simple web based software that requires no downloading. All you have to do is upload an image of the room and just ‘point, click and paint’ any colour your client wants to try. Click for more
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The Lesser Known Side of Pink Floyd



Pink Floyd is hands down one of the most influential psychedelic rock bands of our time. Founded in 1965, the band originally consisted of students Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright. A lesser known fact however is that Roger Waters, Nick Mason and Richard Wright were all Architects! Much of their early performances were in and around their college Regent Street Polytechnic.

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