Time We Discuss Green Interior Design

‘Green architecture’ and ‘Sustainable Architecture’ are topics of great discussion.

However the concept of ‘Green Interior Designing’ is yet to gain momentum. While creating a green building is a noble idea, but when the interior space is not designing with the similar intention, there isn’t much use of the concept.

Very similar to green or eco friendly architecture, interior designing with similar ideas can be achieved with the use of right materials. Here are some simple things interior designers and homeowners can keep in mind in order to ensure thi

 Reducing energy consumption through interior design

 The use of glass, Bringing in north light inside the liveable space, cross ventilation within the interior space, ensures reduction in energy consumption. Similarly, using Metal replacing wood reducing your footprint in causing green house gases. Using energy efficient LED lights also reduces the energy consumption of a space. Lighting fixtures that allow you to control brightness let you use only the amount of electricity you actually need.

Read More: http://www.archh.com/blogs/11/time-we-discuss-green-interior-design/


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