Tools for the 21st Century Architect and Designer

Mark On Call – The Virtual Interior Designer
For a professional interior designer, this app is the next best thing to an assistant. This app can quickly create scale size layouts of a room and the various elements inside it. One of the best features on this app is a measuring tool that tells you the exact distance between any two points in a room. The next time you have to think twice if that sofa will fit through the room door or if that bed is too big for the room – all you got to do is switch on Mark On Call. Click here for More
A colour can make or break a room and even the most experienced of interior designers tend to go wrong in this area. Some colours may sound great conceptually but it’s only when the paint job is done that you realized it just isn’t working. Here is where Colorjive comes in. It’s a simple web based software that requires no downloading. All you have to do is upload an image of the room and just ‘point, click and paint’ any colour your client wants to try. Click for more
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