10 Interesting Architectural Facts About Prague You Probably Didn’t Know

Prague, the capital and the largest city of Czech Republic, is a historical place shaped by the unparalleled architectural styles of different eras – Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, the Moorish Revival, Art Nouveau, Cubism, Modernism and more. The city has survived through monarchy, empire and independence to occupation, totalitarianism to finally, liberation. The glorious city, rich in history and replete with architectural styles, is a live textbook for historians, tourists, and students of architecture to explore and study from. We round up 10 interesting architectural and historical facts about the city that will impress and imprint their legacy on any worthy observer.
According to the Guinness book of records, the Prague castle is the largest in the world. The castle dates back to the 9th century and was expanded several times until second half of the 18th century. The castle itself is a complex for tourist sites including St. Vitus Cathedral and the St. George’s Basilica.
The Astronomical clock, among the most famous tourist attraction, rests in front of the Old Town Hall. Thousands of tourists from around the world flock to watch the hourly performance. Every hour a procession of 12 apostles appear from the sides of the clock but towards the end there is an ominous figure of death striking the time. 
After John Lennon’s assassination in 1980, an image was painted on the wall opposite the French Embassy in Mala Strana. The site identified as Lennon’s memorial echoes the singer’s non-violent rebellion and free thinking. It is reported that despite repeated coats of whitewash, the wall continues to remain covered in John Lennon-inspired graffiti and lyrics from Beatles songs. 



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