Best Mobile Apps For Architects And Interior Designers

Latest apps and gizmos have given the design industry the ultimate edge to visualize their ideas and deliver exactly along those lines. These apps promise to reduce the turnaround time of your creative processes by offering precision and skill. From the most-reviewed to the least known, we offer you a roundup of the ten best apps available on your phone and tablets today.

 1.  Morpholio board

The Morpholio board is a must-have app for interior designers, architects, photographers or any members of the creative field who love to create a visual imagery for their creative ideas. This mobile app lets you design, draw, collage, pin or blog, more on the lines of curating a ‘digital scrapbook.’ For example, you can skim through the app’s curated furniture, accessories and materials from the gallery and add them to your board, subtract the background and create a working collage. If there are images you not using that moment but wish to keep it around, “Conference Table” option allows you to retain the images on the margins. You can even tag objects you have sourced from the gallery or web and compile an Item List that can be effortlessly shared with your global network using the app’s built-in cloud. You can buy the app here.

2. Magicplan
‘Create a floor plan in minutes’ and that’s exactly how the app delivers.  Ideal for architects, interior designers, real estate agents and furniture retailers, it can take measurements of your rooms and draw your floor plans without you having to move your furniture or taking actual measurements. All you have to do is click photos and the app creates a floor plan for you. You could also add objects, annotations, and attributes to create an inside map. You can also create 3D views and exports. Presently, the app is available on iOS and Android platform and moreover, it’s free for personal use.
3.  Sketchup viewer
So earlier this year, SketchUp unveiled its first-ever tablet product—SketchUp Mobile Viewer for iPad— that allows “on the go” access to different models or files and data from 3D Warehouse. Users can avail similar features like orbit, pan, zoom to present their customized 3D models to clients. It also incorporates BIM capabilities for the first time and comes at a price tag of $9.99 from Apple’s app store.
4.  Arcat
If you are constantly searching for product manufacturers and suppliers, then look no further! Arcat is the best buy for architects, engineers and contractors for its extensive database comprising over 11,000 listings of building product manufacturers with contact information including addresses, phone numbers, and website and email links. It has the most comprehensive and updated building product information including libraries for CAD Details, BIM content and specifications. Install it today from Google Play and iTunes.
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