India: A Vibrant Culture

So India celebrated its Independence Day last week on August 15 and has a host of exciting festivals this month. Sixty-seven glorious years of personal and creative freedom! The country with its varied culture and heritage has inspired many designers. Enshrouded in mythology and mystical lore, immersed in history and garbed in multitude of ethnicities, India is a fascinating nation whichever way you look at it. As an interior designer, what is it that you recall when you think of India? Is it their festivities, colorful celebrations? Is it the polytheistic culture and animal gods? Is it Bollywood – their staple dose of dance and drama? Or their eternal symbol of love – the Taj Mahal?
Whatever be it, we think any décor that draws inspiration from India will turn out absolutely stunning! We create a lookbook of some authentic Indian styles and its interesting international adaptations, some coy and quirky Indian brand labels reinterpreting India and more. Read on…
French artist Karen Racicot’s apartment definitely draws on Indian and Asian influences. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a good splash of colour? Hindus have an entire festival dedicated to colours – Holi !!!

Enticing colours, silk and patchwork, Indian artwork and detailing: put it all together, and we have our favorite pick of the lot!
Jhoolas or Indian swings have traditionally been part of many ancestral Indian homes. 
A Rajasthan inspired bedroom with ornate jaali or latticework detailing
Jaali partitions were a crucial design element of many Indian palaces as it would cut down heat and improve air circulation.

A Traditional South Indian home décor
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