Where Architecture Meets Cinematography

Chibi Moku is a dynamic team comprising a cinematographer and photographer duo that travel the world, live in an RV and shoot incredible architecture along the way. They have exhibited their exceptional works on Archh.com and generated some amazing response for it as well; so in retrospect, we compile the four most-viewed projects of the lot.

The duo, Joshua and Natsuko Shaffer, sold everything they owned in Osaka, Japan and moved to America to pursue their passion of ‘sharing the stories of architects and designers.’ Armed with cameras in hand and ingenuity up their sleeve, they have captured the essence of contemporary architecture along their journey.

“Photography captures the aesthetics of architecture, but cinematography tells a different story” says J. Shaffer “It’s not just about the science, engineering, or even art, but rather ‘What defines contemporary architecture and design for our time?’ As storytellers, we help to make that mark on history. We like to make sure we dig into all angles of the story…including humor!”

Chibi Moku has filmed all over Asia and the South Pacific, however they spend most of their time in the continental United States. They are releasing 20 brand new projects between August and September this year and plan to film in the Pacific Northwest for the fall. The duo has ambitious plans to finish shooting in Florida and pack and move to Europe, to cover the breathtaking architecture of Greece and Italy next year. “I want to film architecture in every country in the world!” says Natsuko Shaffer. “It’s interesting to see how, for instance, Japanese architecture is used even in western worlds…even in places that you would least expect…like Nebraska!”

PROJECT 1: San Clemente Home, California

As you walk into this beautiful house in San Clemente, California, you are likely to notice the curved and rounded interior as opposed to its contrasting geometrical exterior. This is Dupuis Designs’ flagship project; the modern Californian-styled home features Peggy Dupuis’ signature red-painted (also the load-bearing) wall complementing the customized bay windows that stretch along the expanse of the house. The decorations and furnishings are simple, blending white, anthracite grey and black, with a hint of light-colored wood. The entire house, designed on low-energy consumption model, has clever set of window openings, glass doors and skylights that provide natural air conditioning.

More photos here

Project 2:  E11EVEN Nightclub, Miami 

Designed by Telesco Associates Inc., E11EVEN is a one-of-a-kind upscale 24/7 nightclub in Miami where the design thrives on the concept of a nightclub meets Cirque du Soleil meets international cabaret. This 25,000 square feet, two-storey club is equipped with a bar in the main room, has a mini-podium with a large centre pillar, a lit-up cage and an LED wall that grabs your attention as soon as you step into the club. The centre of the main room has a hydraulic stage that can rise to the mezzanine level, or be transformed into a dance floor. 

To read the entire post with video, click here



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