Do Designers Need Formal Education?

Have you ever woken up wondering if you have wasted the valuable 3-5 years of your life studying design in a school when you could simply have gathered all the experience on the job and worked your way up? Or probably the thought has crossed your mind, if you have applied your learning efficiently at your job? To those with whom these thoughts reverberate, the important question we would like to ask is ‘do designers need formal education?’

To Learn…

The pros of formal education are many… If your goal in life is to work for a top-notch design firm, you must first aspire to attain a valid degree, or at best, be a valedictorian from the best design school. Most firms have an automated system that weed out applicants that have not mentioned a degree or failed to meet their ‘qualifying’ criteria. Either ways, even if you beat your competition and finally land a job at your dream firm, what assures that it will satiate your desire for incessant learning and growth? The rigidity of your college experience teaches you the basics of design and undoubtedly, lets you explore the field without commercial constraints and prepares you to meet the requirements of a design firm.




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