How to Decorate Small Balconies

How often have you come across homes that have a beautiful living space but dull, uninspiring balconies that are a complete eyesore? Most people use their balconies to dump storage and stack unused items but let us remind you that balconies are an extension of your living space. By investing a decent amount of time and money, you can create a cool retreat where you can unwind after a long day and enjoy the beautiful sunset. We give you five simple tips on how to decorate your balconies.

Cover the boring surfaces: Paint the wall with a lively colour and cover the floor, if necessary, with a rug, fake grass or simply paint. Pick a palette that inspires you and is an extension of not just your living room but also your personality.

Create privacy: You can opt for simple DIY for sheltering yourself from the harsh sun or the prying neighbors by hanging sheets or installing weather-proof blinds, a reed fence or simply by planting medium-sized plants along the balcony.

Seating Arrangements: Make the balcony your own personal oasis by building a small bench or buying few stackable chairs or stools that can comfortably accommodate more than two-three guests in the sit-out area.

Add green: Invest in small shrubs, herbs and perennials that will screen unsightly areas of the balcony and brighten up bare walls. Balconies with high railings will serve to support climbers like Clematis, Morning Glory and Sweet Peas that can offer privacy as well as shade from the sun.

Outdoor lighting: A space is not completely put together until you add lighting that complements the décor. Depending on the size of your balcony, you can choose from fairy lights, wall sconces, pendant lighting or small lamps.

We have a small video here from Engineer Your Space that shows you how a tiny
5 x 9 ft rental apartment balcony can be transformed into a cozy sit out area with just a DIY bench, reed fence and few planters.


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