The Beautiful Landscape Architecture of California

Archh’s most active user ‘photographer-and-cinematographer duo’ Chibi Moku has shared with us works of five extremely talented landscape architects from California. We feature them here…

Vee Horticulture (Berkeley, California)

The landscape designs by Vee Horticulture are all about connecting people to nature and to their own sense of well-being and aliveness. In their first landscape project, a sensual garden was created with a variety of plants including edibles such a lemon, a kumquat, fig, persimmon and blueberries. The key ingredient in this beautiful garden was the placement of fragrant plants in strategic areas that blooms in its full glory giving away whiffs of fresh flora at different times of the year. There is abundant forage for hummingbirds, songbirds, bees and butterflies. There is ample shade provided in all areas and the family can enjoy their morning cup of tea on a large dining table for ten that can also double as a table tennis court for family entertainment.

You can view the beautiful photos and the video of this project here

Julie Orr Design (Palo Alto, California)

Julie Orr, principal landscape designer and her client Arnie share their insight into this award-winning backyard remodel. At the heart of this design lies a strong desire to bring family together in a space that is welcoming for parents, young adults and their collective friends. Specializing in outdoor kitchen, fire and water feature design, Julie provides a collaborate atmosphere for her clients to share their goals while incorporating her expert knowledge, creativity and vision. This unique approach of planning through a series of on-site design sessions produced Arnie’s dream space: a backyard his family can use year-round, plants that have low water needs, a space that is beautiful to relax in and easy to maintain.

You can watch the behind-the scenes story of Arnie, the empty nester and the award-dinning project that culminated from it, click here

Divine Nature Landscape Design (Los Altos, California)

Johnna Brooks from Divine Nature Landscape Nature creates a space that can repair in a way that calms the ambience and at the same time restores the very ground that her clients inhabit. This new way of creating landscapes involves sound. “It helps me to create a whole surrounding scenery in your head as well as seeing it physically in the landscape,” she says. “This makes people feel calm, peaceful and stress free.”

Watch Johnna Brooks speak about the inspiration behind these lush green gardens,click here

LandStudio360 (Los Angeles, California)

When The Westerly on Lincoln, a 583-unit apartment community in Marina del Rey, California were looking to enhance their outdoors, they called in LandStudio360 for design and re-imaging. The studio developed a landscape palette that complemented the new architectural façade by KEPHART, and made detailed renovations to the pool area and interior courtyards. The highlight features include a large water wall fountain outside the leasing center as well as iconic acrylic panels lit by color changing LEDs at the project’s entry. As a result of these vast improvements, The Westerly on Lincoln was recognized by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) as the Best Conversion/Repositioning of a Multi-Family Asset in 2013.

LandStudio 360 was also called in to work on the 27 Seventy-Five Mesa Verde, an existing apartment community in Costa Mesa, California by joining distinct properties separated by extensive network of artificial streams and lakes. The studio has also created inviting outdoor spaces for shoppers at The Shops at Dos Lagos, a regional outdoor retail center off Interstate 15 in Corona, California.

Watch the hearty architects take you through their projects, click here

Elemental Design Group (Santa Cruz, California)

Seasoned landscape architect Rhadiante Van de Voorde, principal of Elemental Design Group, specializes in custom garden design. From contemporary to traditional, Rhadiante is keyed to the needs and desires of her clients and empathetically creates exterior environments that gracefully balance the elements. She sheds light on her design approach and philosophy for two unique projects set in the beautiful SF bay area. The video shows captivating footage which displays how a sculpted outdoor environment not only brings value to the home but also can provide pleasure and even inspiration.

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